i.Core RZ/G2E
EDIMM SOM based on Renesas® RZ/G2E
  • Renesas RZ/G2E 2x Cortex-A53 @ 1.2GHz L1, L2 Parity/ECC
  • Memory : 1 GB DDR3L
  • Graphics : PowerVR GE8300 @ 600MHz Ultra HD deep color GPU Support APIs: OpenGL ES 3.1, (OpenCL 1.2 EP)
  • Video Interfaces : Video: h.265 dec 1080p@60Hz, h.264/AVC enc/dec 1080p@60Hz 1 x MIPI-CSI 2 lanes, Interleaving by 2 VC (virtual channel) supported
  • Video Resolution : Up to Full HD @60fps
  • Mass Storage : eMMC 4 GB expandible
  • Operating Temperature : Industrial and consumer qualified
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Engicam introduces the new i.Core RZ/G2E system on module family for

connectivity, multimedia and HMI applications. The new module will be based on the

new RENESAS RZ/G2E processor. The new module is designed on the SODIMM

versatile pinout and will be compatible with the actual Engicam SOM.

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