Portwell products

Industrial PC are mainly 19” PC that go into 19” Rack-Systems. The building blocks for Industrial PCs are Single Board Computers, Chassis, Backplanes and Power Supplies. Portwell offers a broad portfolio on industrial versions of this building blocks.

Single Board Computer is the umbrella term for a list of different types of Computer Boards. It includes The famous ATX as well as the backplane based PICMG 1.3 Boards

Industrial Chassis are mainly 19” chassis which come up to application needs in heights from 4U to 1U. Another type are the Node or Shoe-Box Chassis, which are basically half-size 19” 4U Chassis.

For 19” Systems built on PICMG 1.3 technology, the backplane is the core for each application.

Up to systems and application needs, there is a broad variety of different Power Supplies to deliver the needed power for each system.