Medical Approach

Portwell has dedicated to the medical and healthcare market for years, with advanced and trusted experience and deeply serve this industry. Our market specialists focus on providing medical computing systems and information processing to customers all over the world to fulfill every aspect of demand.  We have a unique insight into the industry’s best practices to help establish medical grade systems for the purpose of improving healthcare environments.

Medical Solutions

Portwell is a global leader in the manufacturing and service of embedded computing platforms. Our extensive product portfolio includes embedded computers, single board computers (SBC), rackmount computers, specialty computer platforms, human-machine interface (HMI) and network security appliances. We provide a great selection of products dedicated to a variety of medical applications, including: medical modality instruments; clinical diagnostic instruments; surgical imaging management systems; pharmacy automation; point-of-care devices; ultrasound systems; computer-aided diagnosis and therapy; and healthcare self-service kiosks.


for OEM/ODM Medical Devices

Designed with the healthcare sector in mind, our Medical Grade Box PCs range from low to high powered applications. Our Medical Box PCs can be targeted to be used for applications for simple Clinical Gateways to more advanced Surgical Imaging / Navigation Systems.

Medical Panel PCs designed for Point-of-Care applications in sterile environments. With an IP65 and fanless design, our Medical All-in-One PCs also provide an antimicrobial surface for easy cleaning.

Medical Grade Displays designed to provide accurate and efficient images. Using a universal VESA mount, our monitors can easily be mounted to any surgical cart, operating room arm, or wall mount. Our medical displays provide the imaging needs for a wide range of applications such as surgical, radiology, clinical, and point-of-care.

PICMG 1.3 Single Board Computers can act as a module and are easily serviceable. Designed for industrial use, these boards are meant for longevity and reliability.

Designed to be both compact and having a wide range of performance, Portwell’s mini-itx boards can fit in a wide range of different applications. With our wide range of boards, we can target fanless and rugged use cases. These boards can be used in a wide variety of chassis that can fit a majority of medical applications.

Computer-on-Module / COM Express are standardized and allow for easy serviceability. Built with an integrated CPU, Memory, and a number of I/O signals like PCIE, USB, SATA, Graphics, and Ethernet, these modules are used in conjunction with carrier boards to support all the necessary I/O customers require.

What We Do

For Healthcase / IT facilities, we offer various applications.

Patient Monitoring / Communication

Portwell provides IEC 60601-1-2 medical certified touch monitors/displays and Panel PCs.The glove activated touchscreen, IP22 enclosure and optional antibacterial material make them as preferred solution for patient monitoring and bedside communication to nurse station in healthcare environment.

Clinical Diagnostic Instruments

Portwell provides embedded computing boards with small form factor, scalable processor, rich I/Os and medical grade IEC 60601-1-2 touch monitors that is compliant with DICOM standard in various sizes. Instrument makers are benefited from the long life-span of these products.

Surgical Imaging

Portwell medical grade computers can be implemented in a variety form factors such as rackmount, desktop or custom, to fit in different medical OEM’s design. GPU card can also be added in such medical computer to enhance the capability of graphics processing and enable AI in medical imaging.

Pharmacy Automation

Portwell’s scalable computer boards and systems with rich expansion interface are able to support automated mechanical processes of handling, distributing, and managing medications. The medical grade touch monitors and Panel PCs are ideal solutions for operator interface within the automated pharmacy equipment.

Point-of-Care Devices

Portwell provides fanless, low power and medical grade touch-computers and embedded computers featuring optimized computing and graphic performance, energy efficiency, small form factor, wireless connectivity, reliability, and rich expansion to fit in point-of-care applications in healthcare environment.

Ultrasound Systems

Portwell’s Computer-on-module or COM express portfolio offers ultra-compact footprint, scalable computing performance, efficient thermal design, rich expansion and future upgradable feature with long product lifespan. Our medical grade monitors feature high resolution, wide viewing angle, fast response time and DICOM compliant.

Healthcare Self-Service Kiosks

Portwell powers Self-Service Kiosks with all-in-one computers that allow patient check-in for medical record access and registration, also suitable for hospital Point-of-Information, signage, blood pressure or weight measurement station.

Telemedicine / Telehealth

Portwell offers an extensive range of communication and network security appliance products to help you fast-track your products to the healthcare IT market. The fanless medical systems featuring high resolution display interface, secure and reliable network connectivity, and rich expansion for peripheral devices are ideal solutions for the equipment that servers secure data transmission and video communication between patient and healthcare professionals.

Digital X-Ray/Radiography System

Portwell’s medical grade computers deliver optimized computing power, multiple expansion, and superior imaging through add-on graphic cards. The widescreen medical grade monitors offer superior and stable image quality and support DICOM part 14 calibration.