From Edge to Cloud

Collection of the data - EDGE

The collection points and devices vary a lot and are pretty much usecase and environment driven. In Industrial automation it‘ll be mainly small BoxPCs which get the data from connected sensors. In smart cities it can be similar, but there will also be a resonable number of customer end point devices like self-service and self-order kiosks, and POS and POI devices who generat data that needs to go in the cloud.

Processing of data

Is the next step. Here data delivered by the EGDE devices gets summerized and up to data structure needs processed and further transfered

Data Management

In this step, data is finally prepared and analyzed for the application needs. In this step data security plays quite big role. It‘s mainly a combination of software and hardware which needs to be able to execute the management

Collect - Urban Cities

In smart Citys, Video survaillance, traffic light controll, public transport controll and flow optimization, passanger infotainment, self-service and self-check-in application generate masses of data.

Collect - Industrial Infrastructure

In Industrial infrastructure, automation and controll requires and generates data.

This data needs to be collected and in many application is pre-processed to off-load data from the cloud and the analytics process.

Collect - Production Sites

In productio sites, there is a huge demand for data collection. As the applications and points of data creation are very diversified, the Edge Devices are as well. There is a big need for different interfaces, IOs as well as to meet environmental requirements. This leads to a huge number of different Box PCs and HMI units used in one production site. From very compact to mid-size., with PoE or a huge number of parallel or serial Ios.


Depending on the application and the network design in most cases there is a process layer in the network strucutre.

In this process layer, very different hardware can be used. Depending on the required processing power and the network capabilities, this work will be done by Network Appliances, powerful Box PCs, when more processing power and or system flexibility is required the solution can be built with a custom 19“ platform based on ATX, or PICMG 1.3 technology.