Computer on Module

Computer-On-Module, COMs are complete embedded computers built on a single circuit board. A COM is positioned between a full equipped computer and a microcontroller. The design is centered on a microprocessor with RAM, input/output controllers and all other features needed to be a functional computer on the one board. However, unlike a single-board computer, the COM usually lacks the standard connectors for any input/output peripherals to be attached directly to the board.

A COM usually needs to be mounted on a carrier board (or "baseboard") which breaks the bus out to standard peripheral connectors.

Portwell’s Computer-on-module series includes: COM Express, SMARC, Qseven, and ETX.

COM Express® defines standardized form factors and pin-outs for Computer-on-Modules. The standard includes the mini form factor (84 x 55mm), the compact form factor (95 x 95mm) and the basic form factor (125 x 95mm).

The SMARC ("Smart Mobility ARChitecture") is a versatile small form factor computer Module definition targeting applications that require low power, low costs, and high performance. The Module power envelope is typically under 6W. Two Module sizes are defined: 82mm x 50mm and 82mm x 80mm.

The Qseven concept is an off-the-shelf, multi vendor, Computer-On-Module that integrates all the core components of a common PC and is mounted onto an application specific carrier board. Qseven modules have a standardized form factor of 70mm x 70mm or 40mm x 70mm and have specified pinouts based on the high speed MXM system connector that has a standardized pinout.

SODIMM, or small outline dual in-line memory module, is a type of computer memory built using integrated circuits. SO-DIMMs are often used in systems that have limited space, which include laptops, notebooks, small-footprint personal computers such as those based on Mini-ITX motherboards, high-end upgradable office printers, and networking hardware such as routers and NAS devices. 200-pin and 204-pin SO-DIMMs are 67.6 mm (2.66 inches) long, 31.75 mm.

MicroSOM The Micro SOM family comes with a wide range of peripherals included in an amazing form factor from 25mm x 25mm to 30mm x 40mm



ETX (“Embedded Technology eXtended”), is an integrated and compact 95 × 125 mm (3.7 × 4.9 in) computer-on-module (COM) form factor, which can be used in a design application much like an integrated circuit component.