With all the trends in networking, how could we fulfill the demands of

Low Latency, High Computing, High Bandwidth, More Connectivity, PoE Support, and IP Security?

We bring you our answer:

ANS series, the Advanced Network Solutions.

Intel Platform

With Intel CPU platform, ANS series implements Intel Apollo Lake CPU with low power consumption and Intel Denverton CPU with high computing efficiency to fulfill the requirements from edge to server.


In the system, in addition to the physical Copper & Fiber and Ethernet connection, it also supports rich wireless transmission interfaces such as WiFi, 3G, LTE module and LPWAN: LoRa, ZigBee.


In 1/2 width of the cabinet, it provides up to 12 high-density Ethernet GbE Ports. What’s more, 2x 10GbE Fiber Ports are euipped on Intel Denverton system to support more uplink network bandwidth.

Smart Design

Compare to the solutions with equivalent level in the market, ANS series is highly competitive with its up-to-12 LAN ports support. Dimension-wise, its compact design in size makes it feasible to configure two ANS devices in each rack unit.

IoT Solution

With the development of AI under mature IoT networks, edge-computing with powered devices enables us to implement the on-site solution and process the data in short time. ANS series provides 8-12 LAN ports, each of which can be upgraded as PoE.

Software & IPSec

For the IoT solution, the software development process can be shortened while maintenance efforts can be drastically reduced with our PoE API and GUI. To enhance the security of all types of infrastructures, Intel features DPDK and QAT in her latest product selections.

ANS Software Support

Intel QAT

Die ANS-Serie verwendet die mit Sicherheitsmechanismen ausgestattete Intel CPU-Plattform Denverton. Mit der integrierten Intel® QAT (Quick Assist Technology) sowie den kostenlosen API- und Treiberpaketen von Intel bietet sie allen Entwicklern Software-Grundlage für Sicherheit, Authentifizierung und Komprimierung. Vor allem optimiert sie die Rechenleistung und Effizienz der Lösung auf der Standardplattform. Intel QAT umfasst auch symmetrische Verschlüsselung und Authentifizierung, asymmetrische Verschlüsselung, digitale Signaturen, RSA, DH, ECC und verlustfreie Datenkomprimierung.

Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)

DPDK can drastically improve the efficiency of data packet processing and network traffic, which provides Data-tier Applications (DAC) more sufficient time to deal with information. Meanwhile, the hardware capacity can be utilized and allocated in a more agile and desirable way if DPDK goes with Open SSL or Hardware Engine during the development process. In addition to the source code from Intel, we also offer our users the DPDK installation guidance to better their learning curves and even assist them to build a user-friendly DPDK environment.

Open vSwitch

Open vSwitch (OVS) is adopted to better configure, manage, and maintain the network. Meanwhile, OVS also supports the connection of OpenFlow and SDN controller, which allows users to flexibly deploy virtual machines and optimize the development of SDN and NFV. What's more, with our Open vSwitch installation guidance and RESTful API package, you can build your own Web remote control networking with multiple ANS devices in a more efficient manner.


With our API guidance and sample code, users can control each PoE port and respectively monitor the status via our API such as voltage, current, power, etc. Plus, warning signals can also be sent under particular defined occasions to prevent any emergency.

AnnA ANS Network Associate

In ANS series products, you can use our web tool assistant AnnA, ANS Network Associate, to manage your system. AnnA is a user friendly Web tool with a novel-designed interface, and can help you manage and deploy all ANS machines through an easily maintained user interface. Through AnnA software, you can conduct settings for PoE or software switch, while using the product to help you monitor the latest status, check the health of the machine by real-time updating and also provide complete log report. AnnA, as a troubleshooting tool for IT staff, it can provide an easier way to manage and handle all problem conditions!


ANS-2121/41/42 series builds on Intel® Apollo Lake processor E3900 family with up to four CPU cores. ANS series is a compact system with up to 10x GbE ports and PoE+ support, it is suitable for SDN (SD-WAN) application with 5G and IoT devices deployment.

ANS-8A62/64P series builds on Intel® Denverton C3758/ C3558 processor with up to eight CPU cores. ANS Denverton series is a compact system with up to 2x SFP+, 13x GbE ports and PoE+ support, it is suitable for SDN (SD-WAN) application with 5G and IoT devices deployment.

ANS-9142 / ANS-9141 series builds on Intel® Denverton C3436L / C3338R processor with up to four CPU cores. ANS Denverton series is a compact system with up to 8x GbE ports and it is suitable for SDN (SD-WAN) application with 5G and WiFi 6 deployment.