Customized Service

Portwell, the right source you can find!

To outsource a partner for your computing products will not be a headache anymore. Portwell offers you a wide range of customized computing key components, platforms and systems. With years of experiences and knowledge in the industrial application field, Portwell is now one of the best outsourcing partners in this industry. With Portwell, we shorten your product development cycle and make you the first on "Time to Market".

Portwell Philosophy

To find a partner, you not only look for the one with the right solution, but also the right business approach to support your team. Portwell provides the top technologies, superior services and supports to back you up. The reason why we are here is to give what we can to facilitate your business. In Portwell, all the products are "Designed & Built for High Reliability & Durability", which makes us different from others. With Portwell, your concern is our primary concern too.


Dedicated Team

So, what makes the difference? Our strategic ODM teams are dedicated to you only. Time differences can always cause a delay to your urgent inquiries. We assign an experienced contact person and provide a hotline to you where you can always reach the right person with the right answers. By doing so, you can access Portwell 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Isn't it enough? Well, scheduling by the weekly conference call with your team is also one of the commitments to make sure and update the project's status.

Platform & System Assembly

With the new 36,000 square feet assembly plant, you may consign the assembly job to Portwell. We provide any assembly from platform to full system solution. Furthermore, the testing procedure can also be modified with your specific requirements. We assure you that the goods you receive from Portwell are all "ready-to-go".

Customizing Your Own Products

No matter you are looking for computing components, platforms or systems, Portwell provides you the solution. To have an unique differentiated product, "Tailoring Products to Your Needs" can definitely make your sales/marketing superb to beat your competitors and to survive in this industry. From your own logotype, designated color to mechanical changes on your systems, from custom designed BIOS to feature changes on your boards, all will be well taken care of.

Revision Control

Revision Control is the key to make a successful customized project in the industrial applications. This can also be a headache to you. We have established a system that keeps track of all the hardware and software revisions, including any update to your specific need. Whenever a change is required, an advanced notice from us with expected phase-in schedule will be provided prior to your approval. If necessary, stocking parts can be considered. With Portwell, we look after these tedious tasks for you.

Quality Control

From board level to platform and system, we strictly test every phase to make sure that every unit you receive from Portwell is in excellent quality. Our 100% burn-in test system can bring the quality to the best.


Portwell Internet Service Center

Accessing the Portwell Internet Support Centre, you are able to download heaps of product related information, from detailed specification to manual or even test report and certificate. To have the latest BIOS updates, drivers and utilities is just a few clicks. In addition, the online system allows you to monitor the RMA status and fix report. With Portwell ISC, you have the control in your hands.