COM-HPC® Client module Size C module with Intel® 13th/14th Gen socket type processor (Code Name: Raptor Lake-S Refresh) DDR5 SO-DIMM, DDI, PCIe Gen 5, USB 3.2 Gen2, 2.5G Ethernet, discrete TPM 2.0, eDP, SATA
  • COM-HPC carrier board support COM-HPC Client Type Size A/B/C modules
  • ATX form factor provides extra expansion slots, and follows the standard space mounting
  • Support 2x 25G KR signal
  • Supports USB 3.2 Gen2, SATA, PCIe Gen4, 2.5G RJ45, DisplayPort
  • Support wide operating temperature from -40°C to 85°C
  • Standard ATX PSU input
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PCOM-B885 is COM-HPC module based on Intel® 13th/14th Core™ platform. It is compatible with COM-HPC 1.15 standard. The platform adopts Intel 7 lithography and VNNI instruction set, offers advance computing power with 35~65W thermal and embedded use condition for wide range application. PCOM-B885 supports PCIe Gen5 up to 16x lanes, and 4x ECC/Non-ECC DDR5 SO-DIMM(memory capacity up to 192GB), which is suit for mission critical use conditions and AI edge computing. This module also provides 2x PCIe Gen4 x4 and 18x PCIe Gen3 lanes, 4x USB 3.2 Gen2 x2, and 2x SATA. The complete and flexible I/O capacity also mapped to wide range of industrial applications.

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