ARM Technology

Low Power - High Performance - Specific Features


ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) CPUs well known from the mobile phone market, is a family of RISC (reduced instruction set computing) architecture processors, designed for various applications. Compared to CISC (complexe information set computing) processors like x86, ARM designs are focused on dedicated usecases and thereofore use to have lower power consumption on a similar performance level.

Most ARM processor developments that suit for the Embedded market come from NXP, Renesas, Rockchip, just to name some.

Packed in differnet ready to go small form factor modules, ARM desings are easy to deploy to your design. We offer from standard ARM product to BSP with Yocto in Linux and can support your customized carrier board design.


  • CPU : NXP® i.MX 8M Plus
  • Cores : Quad Arm® Cortex®-A53 @ up to 1.8GHz processor with a (NPU) up to 2.3 TOPS and Cortex®-M7 CPU @ 800 MHz
  • Memory : up to 4GB LPDDR4


  •  Up to 4 x Cortex-A35@1.2GHz & Cortex-M4F@266MHz
  •  MIPI-DSI 2x4-Lanes LVDS 2x1channel or 1xDual channels MIPI-CSI 4 lanes INPUT
  •  Dual display up to 4K Ultra HD

SMARC Form Factor Evaluation Board

  • Carrier board for Smarc module
  • AC adapter

EDIMM SOM based on NXP® i.MX 8M Plus

  • RAM up to 4GB LPDDR4
  • Video interface: LVDS, 18/24bit up to Full HD MIPI-DSI – 4 lanes option HDMI up to Full HD 2x MIPI-CSI – 4 lanes

EDIMM SOM based on NXP® i.MX 8M Mini

  •  RAM Up to 2GB LPDDR4 @3000MT/s
  •  Video Interfaces : MIPI-DSI 4-lanes LVDS via MIPI-DSI MIPI-CSI 4-Lanes
  •  Video Resolution : Up to Full HD (1920 × 108)

EDIMM SOM based on Renesas® RZ/G2E

  • Memory : 1 GB DDR3L
  • Video Interfaces : h.265 dec 1080p@60Hz, h.264/AVC enc/dec 1080p@60Hz 1 x MIPI-CSI 2 lanes
  • Video Resolution : Up to Full HD @60fps

EDIMM SOM based on Rockchip® PX30

  •  RAM Up to 2 GB LPDDR4
  •  Video processing unit: Video: h.265 dec 1080p@60Hz, h.264 enc/dec 1080p@60Hz
  •  Video input:MIPI-CSI 4 lanes with 8Mp ISP

i.MX 6ULL based Micro SOM

  •  NXP™ i.MX 6ULL
  •  Up to 512 MB DDR3-800
  •  Video Interfaces : 1x Parallel LCD 1x EPD
  •  Nand Flash

i.MX 6UltraLite based Is.IoT SOM

  •  NXP™ i.MX 6ULL
  •  Up to 512 MB LvDDR3@800MT/s
  •  Video Interfaces : LCD 18 bit parallel
  •  NAND 256MB (option) eMMC 4GB (option)

ST® STM32MP157 based Micro SOM

  •  ST® STM32MP157AAC
  •  Up to 1GB DDR3L-800
  •  Up to 24bit Parallel
  •  Up to WXGA(1366x768)

General-purpose miniature carrier board. Available with CAN Bus and LTE interfaces

  •  MicroGEA STM32MP1 & MicroGEA MX 6ULL Module compliant
  •  Wide 7 to 40 Vdc single power supply
  •  1 x microSD
  •  1 x RS485