Portwell's Solutions for the Gaming Industry


We are a full-service designer and manufacturer of embedded systems for industries such as the gaming industry. With 20 years of experience offering those in this industry with gaming solutions for their hardware and embedded systems needs, we can provide you with valuable insight into your various paths forward, in compliance with your current restrictions.

Portwell Gaming Solutions

Portwell has a dedicated team to serve the needs in the rapidly expanding gaming market. For years, Portwell strives to bring latest Intel technology to the gaming market with stable, powerful computing, rich multimedia, and high security products that can meet and exceed customers deploy their products in the growing gaming market.

Mobile PC Technology Advances

As an innovative pioneer in the Gaming Industry, Portwell provides full range of IPC products (SBC, Backplane, Embedded Board, redundant Power Supply, Chassis, and Heat Ventilation Accessories). Besides, our gaming-specific ODM turnkey system solutions (including BIOS & OS service) help you develop reliable gaming machines that can comply with strict regulatory and industry-specific standards. Aside from those, you can leverage Portwell to get Sample Express Service in order to save your Time-to-Design-Win.

We are Dedicated to Your Business

As experts in the field of developing and engineering single-board computers, embedded systems, and custom platforms for numerous industries, our commitment to upholding the highest design standards has only grown over time. If you need assistance designing or manufacturing your desired systems, we can begin rapidly prototyping designs that adhere to your exact specifications. We have an extensive portfolio of past work for casinos (slot machines and table games), arcades (fighting games and racing games), and beyond.
Contact European Portwell Technology today for a consultation and get the gaming solutions your business needs. Whether you need some helpful advice or product design and fabrication services, we are here to help.