Portwell Launches New FUDA3 Touch Panel PC Series Based on Intel® Atom® Processor E3900 Product Family

FUDA3 Panel PC Available for Resistive Single-Touch Screen or Projective Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen Powered by Intel Atom x7-E3950 Quad-Core Processor



Nieuw Vennep, Netherlands – July 25, 2022—Portwell Europe,( https://www.portwell.eu/home ) a world-leading innovator for Industrial PC (IPC) and embedded computing solutions, and a Titanium Partner of the Intel Partner Alliance, announces the launch of its FUDA3 Touch Panel PC Series, a new energy-efficient and powerful fan-less Panel PC with resistive single-touch screen or projective capacitive multi-touch screen. Powered by Intel Atom x7-E3950 quad-core processor (12W max. TDP, 2M Cache, 1.6 GHz up 2.0GHz) integrating Intel HD Graphic Gen 9 engine, flexible I/O connectivity and 2 times higher GPU computing power than FUDA2 series PPC (Intel Atom E3845 platform). “The fan-less design ensures silent operation, improved reliability and reduced maintenance costs,” says Penny Liao, Portwell product manager. “Equipped with a responsive touch screen and an industrial panel display available in 10.4",12.1" and 15", Portwell's FUDA3 Touch Panel PC Series includes an IP65-rated front panel and is housed in an aluminum bezel with anodizing coating. This allows the FUDA3 Touch Panel PC Series to operate reliably in harsh environments.” Liao adds. In addition, the FUDA3 Panel PC features all the required interfaces for industrial application: 1 x HDMI, 2 x Gigabit Ethernet, 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB OTG, and it can be expandable to include 2 x RS-232/422/485, 2 x USB 2.0 or 2 x RS-232/422/485, 1 x RS-232 via selectable I/O kit options. Moreover, it allows 1 x 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD, 1 x Half-size mini-mSATA for storage capacity and one SMA antenna interface provides optional Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE function via a full-size mini-PCIe socket.

New touch technologies, such as excellent noise immunity for any Industrial environment (CS 10Vrm), excellent radiated susceptibility support up to 50V/m, premium water resistance performance and heavy glove support, are implemented on FUDA3 projective capacitive multi-touch screen series Panel PC. It can solve the problem that projective capacitive multi-touch screens do not operate effectively within an industrial input voltage noise interference environment. “We believe,” Liao states, “that adopting our FUDA3 Series Panel PC is the obvious choice to adopt in industrial HMI market.”

Compared to most Panel PCs in the market, the operating temperature of Portwell’s FUDA3 Panel PC can range from -25°C to 60°C despite its fan-less design. The cableless structure also optimizes the thermal dissipation as well as ensures durability and reliability in harsh environments.

Additionally, the Portwell FUDA3 Panel PC supports 12~24V (±20%) wide range DC input for various operating environments. It offers Panel mounting and is equipped with standard 75mm x 75 mm and 100mm x 100mm VESA mounting holes. It supports many mainstream operating systems, such as Microsoft® Windows® 10 and Linux®.

“With its refined appearance, rugged mechanical chassis, multiple modular flexibility and complete certification, the FUDA3 Series Touch Panel PC application-oriented design and rigid laboratory testing provide customers with an ideal HMI solution for factory automation, CNC machine, textile industry and kiosk,” affirms Liao.

Fuda 3 Series: https://www.portwell.eu/products/human-machine-interface/industrial-panel-pc/product/fuda-3-series