i.Core MX8M Mini
EDIMM SOM based on NXP® i.MX 8M Mini
  • NXP® i.MX8M MINI
  • RAM Up to 2GB LPDDR4 @3000MT/s
  • Video Interfaces : MIPI-DSI 4-lanes LVDS via MIPI-DSI MIPI-CSI 4-Lanes
  • Video Resolution : Up to Full HD (1920 × 1080)
  • Mass Storage : eMMC 8/16GB eMMC
  • Operating Temperature : Industrial and consumer qualified
We also provide additional features to our finished products if requested.
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The new i.Core MX8M Mini is based on i.MX 8M Mini equipped with the Cortex-A53 cores plus Cortex-M4. The i.MX 8M Mini family of processors brings together high-performance computing, power efficiency, enhanced system reliability and embedded security, streaming multimedia, and machine learning applications.

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