RMA process

In order to enable us to run the RMA process as smooth and fast as possible, we need your support

RMA number assignment

  • We ask you to request an RMA number for each returned good. Due to process reasons it is not possible to process the process without RMA number.
  • RMA goods must be recognized by product type, serial number and warranty status.
  • For the items which are out of warranty, our system will not generate a RMA number automatically, it will pop up a message * contact with us, when your products need to be repaired - Email us: rma@portwell.eu*
  • The completed RMA form should be sent to European Portwell Technology by fax or email before delivery (fax number and email address rma@portwell.eu)
  • It is important to pay attention to a brief description of the error as accurately as possible, as this can considerably reduce the repair time. You will then receive an RMA number from us within one working day.

Return for repair

  • Please enclose the completed RMA-form of the goods return
  • Please do not write on the original packaging of the product
  • Please make a note of the RMA number on the parcel and on the return delivery note
  • A detailed error description facilitates troubleshooting and speeds up the processing time
  • Please send the package to the address given on the RMA form

ESD protection

  • The repaired goods must be properly packaged in accordance with the ESD guidelines (ESD Norm IEC / TS61340-5-1 Electrostatics). Assemblies that are not delivered to us in ESD-compliant packaging must be written off as total failures in accordance with our quality guidelines, as any damage caused cannot be determined.
  • Therefore, we must return all improperly packaged assemblies to you at your expense.

RMA form