Motion Control System

Portwell's Motion Control System is designed to take performance, integration and efficiency to the next level in solutions for motion control segment.

  • Able to control multiple axes (max. 64 Ch) in synchronization

  • Synchronization control for multiple simultaneously start/stop control commands

  • Limit input functions (required for positioning control) are also provided

  • Can store a max. 1000 frames (each frame carrying required information for single positioning sequence, i.e speed, acceleration/deceleration rate, target location)

  • Enables PC controlled output of pulse train, according to a specified pulse number and frequency

  • For use with pulse-input type stepping motors or servo motors

  • Suitable for complex network management

  • Stability in applications with mechanical movements

  • Stepper and servo motors can be easily controlled via the familiar Windows environments

  • Can work for multitasking or extensions for simultaneous control with different types of I / O cards

  • Supports multiple axes in synchronization. A maximum of 16 cards can be checked simultaneously via the connection cable included in the product package

  • Expandable for additional features: Data-Log, analysis of peripheral devices, visual inspection